Savannah Lexicon

    Savannah Lexicon, hosted by Wayne Waters, is a show
    designed to inform the listener about important social, political, and
    cultural issues that shape Savannah, as well as about opportunities to
    experience things in and around this beautiful city that might bring an
    added measure of grace and joy to your life. Wayne will speak
    with representatives of the local government, of social service
    organizations, cultural organizations, educational organizations and to
    artists, writers, and others in an effort to help shed some light on how
    to live a well-informed, full life here in the most beautiful city in
    the nation, Savannah, Georgia. Tune in Tuesdays and Thursdays 8-9 a.m.,
    right after Savannah Rising, also hosted by Wayne.

    Wayne is a native Georgian who lived in Savannah during the early
    ’90s, moved away for a while, and came back for good. He has a degree in
    journalism from Georgia Southern University, taught news reporting and
    writing at Indiana University’s School of Journalism, did a short stint as a workaday print journalist and editor, and
    has been an independent journalist for the past decade. He absolutely
    adores Savannah and offers Savannah Lexicon as a means of celebrating
    the city’s people and culturescape as well as attempting to understand
    some of its problems.

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