Art on the Air

    • Wednesdays, 3:00pm4:00pm
    This program
    is an hour-long interview show dedicated to the visual arts in Savannah and the
    surrounding area. Each episode will feature a single guest in conversation
    about their philosophy, practice, and current projects, as well as commentary
    on the state of the visual arts in our community. The end of each show will be
    devoted to discussion of the week's upcoming visual arts events.

    The hosts are David Laughlin and Rob Hessler.  David is a working
    artist in many fields who likes to explore inspiration and technique
    with other creative individuals, and how they present their ideas for
    particular venues or events.   Rob is a
    Savannah-based artist and activist and his artworks have been featured in solo
    and group exhibitions across the country, including at the Telfair Museum’s
    Jepson Center and Cultural Arts Gallery in Savannah, Speakeasy Art Gallery in
    New Jersey, and Lois Lambert Gallery in Los Angeles. His drawings have appeared
    in The New York Times, the Paris-based art journal Insiztance, and the Savannah
    Morning News and Connect Savannah.


    Art on the Air