Classical Eclectic

  • Every Saturdays, 6:00am8:00am
  • Sundays, 6:00am8:00am

Classical Eclectic offers the best in curated classical music from baroque to the 20th Century with host Dave Lake.   Have you ever listened to Dave Lake's Contemporary Classics show and said to yourself - I wish he would play some Vivaldi or Beethoven.  Now you got your wish with Classical Eclectic.  Each hour will feature one longer work at the beginning of the hour such as a symphony or concerto which will be followed by shorter sonatas or overtures of dance episodes, all to delight the listener of classical music.

Classical Eclectic
6:00am, 8-7-2022
6:00am, 8-6-2022
6:00am, 7-31-2022
6:00am, 7-30-2022
6:00am, 7-24-2022
6:00am, 7-23-2022
6:00am, 7-17-2022
6:00am, 7-16-2022
6:00am, 7-10-2022
6:00am, 7-9-2022