Dance Music Friday

  • Fridays, 11:00pm11:59pm
  • Saturdays, 12:00am1:00am

This show is two hours of mostly 4 on the Floor House Music.  Deep, Tech, Progressive, Funky, and so much more. All designed to kick off the weekend with a blast of energy.  Whether on the way to downtown or having a party at the house, these two hours will keep your head bobbing and the energy levels up.  Curated by Troy Stoner.

Dance Music Friday
12:00am, 8-13-2022
11:00pm, 8-12-2022
12:00am, 8-6-2022
11:00pm, 8-5-2022
12:00am, 7-30-2022
11:00pm, 7-29-2022
12:00am, 7-23-2022
11:00pm, 7-22-2022
12:00am, 7-16-2022
11:00pm, 7-15-2022