Music Improvised

  • Wednesdays, 8:00am9:00am

An exploration of artists that play music in a live venue
with an energy and style that can’t be recreated in the studio. Improvised
music from jazz to hip-hop, electronic to rock and more. These artists, past
and present, play shows throughout the year and create songs with variations
and improvisation. Sit back and hold on to your hats for Music Improvised on

Host Gram Wohlust is a traveler by nature and he has always found his way into the
volunteer circles of great community radio stations for 20 years- WNCW, KDUR,
KSUT, and now WRUU.

Music Improvised
8:00am, 7-17-2024
8:00am, 7-10-2024
8:00am, 7-3-2024
8:00am, 6-26-2024
8:00am, 6-19-2024
8:00am, 6-12-2024
8:00am, 6-5-2024
8:00am, 5-29-2024
8:00am, 5-22-2024
8:00am, 5-15-2024