Music From the World

    • Fridays, 5:00pm6:00pm
    to the diverse world of music. Each Friday, your host Michael M. will take
    you around the world with the most eclectic international mix you will probably
    ever hear. Michael is a retired Marine and Army veteran, and a music fanatic, who
    has travelled around the world, and collected music of all genres over the
    course of almost 40 years. Michael’s eclectic collection includes: traditional
    folk music, Opera, Classical, Jazz, Techno-pop, country, Electronica, Dub Step, R&B, Latin, New
    Wave, New Age, Punk, Rock, Metal and fusions of different genres (such as
    Salsa-metal). This program will expose you to beautiful voices, bilingual
    duets, tribal rhythms, pulsating electronics, fiery guitars, sultry
    saxophones, romantic ballads, traditional ethnic music, Latin percussion, Bossa Nova beats, Tango rhythms, classical
    music gems, old classics, new releases, and numerous genres. Something for everyone. Music to move
    the soul and take you to another place.

    Music From the World