• Every Mondays, 11:00pm12:00am

Shadowlines is a  music program that explores the intersection between new wave, electronic music, and experimental artists. Host Emanuela is a television production assistant who is getting involved in all aspects of station functions. You can follow Shadowlines on Facebook and Instagram.

11:00pm, 5-20-2019
11:00pm, 5-13-2019
11:00pm, 5-6-2019
11:00pm, 4-29-2019
11:00pm, 4-22-2019
11:00pm, 4-8-2019
11:00pm, 4-1-2019
11:00pm, 3-25-2019
11:00pm, 3-18-2019
11:00pm, 3-11-2019