Sound Limit

  • Thursdays, 6:00pm7:00pm

Sound Limit
- with Troy Stoner -

Electronica   A show dedicated to quality electronic music from across the spectrum.  Exploring trip hop, neo-soul, house, down tempo, shuffle beat, funk, IDM, acid jazz, etc.  Whether you're a seasoned listener, or someone who refers to
everything electronic as "Techno", this show will provide a broad swath of mostly new releases to wet your musical appetite.

Tune in Thursday 6-7pm


Bio: Troy
Stoner was born in Tallahassee, FL 
and in the sixth grade started playing trumpet.  By the next year he decided music was
to be his life. Shortly after starting college, he sold his trumpet and bought
a drum machine, which he spent endless nights playing. He transferred colleges
when he realized music was his passion, and graduated with an audio engineering
degree. He then moved to NYC to work in different recording studios.  A year later, he left to pursue his
dream of being an electronic music composer.  In the midst of his pursuit, he met a girl in Savannah and
never looked back.  After a handful
of releases, countless DJ gigs, remix competitions, and TV spots, he still
continues to compose and DJ in his free time. 

Sound Limit
6:00pm, 1-21-2021
6:00pm, 1-7-2021
6:00pm, 12-31-2020
6:00pm, 12-24-2020
6:00pm, 12-17-2020
6:00pm, 12-10-2020
6:00pm, 12-3-2020
6:00pm, 11-26-2020
6:00pm, 11-19-2020
6:00pm, 11-12-2020