Taking the Journey Together

  • Saturdays, 9:00am10:00am

Taking the Journey Together explores
interpersonal concerns and problems in dating, cohabiting and building
committed relationships. The show, hosted by a mature Black couple yet the show is inclusive of relationships involving diverse ethnic groups through the universality of personal relationships and the involvement of  guests of different ethnicities.  To be successful in relationships, we must
first fix ourselves. We must love, trust and respect ourselves so that we can
so the same with our partners.

Craig Butts was founder, director
and writer for an online social networking blog site known as Taking the Journey. an
online magazine dedicated to relationship concerns with the intent of
strengthening relationships.  He later teamed with Sharon and she became a
writer and editor for the site. 
As a couple, they have written articles as well as a play where building
strong interpersonal relationships is the focus.

Taking the Journey Together