Teen Talk with LuLu

  • Tuesdays, 4:00pm5:00pm

Talk Show by a Teen, for Teens and about Teens.  This talk show will present the future leaders of America from various educational backgrounds, talents, gifts, sports, inventions; their history and plans for the future; as well as their mentors, parents and experiences.  Interviews will include teens and people involved in their development.

Teen Talk with LuLu
4:00pm, 1-14-2020
2:27am, 1-14-2020
4:00pm, 12-31-2019
4:00pm, 12-24-2019
4:30pm, 12-10-2019
4:00pm, 12-10-2019
4:00pm, 11-19-2019
4:00pm, 11-12-2019
4:00pm, 11-5-2019
4:00pm, 10-29-2019