The Heart and the Hand Music Hour

    Songs on themes of loving kindness, peace, beauty, reason, social justice, self-care and self-empowerment.  Sourcing from popular and contemporary music styles, the program finds wisdom in the words and music of James Taylor, Michael Franti, Tracy Chapman and the Indigo Girls, among many others.  Coming soon, the program also will feature artists represented by Empower Music and Arts, a community dedicated to creating positive global change through music.  Listen and let your soul be satisfied!

    The Heart and the Hand Music Hour
    1:00pm, 4-5-2020
    1:00pm, 3-29-2020
    1:00pm, 3-22-2020
    1:00pm, 3-8-2020
    1:00pm, 3-1-2020
    1:00pm, 2-23-2020
    1:00pm, 2-16-2020
    1:00pm, 2-9-2020
    1:00pm, 2-2-2020
    1:00pm, 1-26-2020