The Rock n Roll Cookbook

    Rock n Roll Cookbook explores the magical flavors of American Music before the British Invasion.  Each program
    would focus on a different theme, musical style, iconic song or composer that
    inspired the music of rock n roll. The format would include live performance
    with some commentary and demonstration of the key ingredients, riffs, grooves
    or other elements of style and form that make up this music and bring it to

    The hosts of Rock n Roll, Carol Anthony and Joe Sowinski, are a two person band (guitar and cello) alternating with keyboard (tiny piano), vocal and miscellaneous percussion specializing in jump blues and retro swing
    music, its history and impact on American pop culture, and particularly its
    influence on the development of rock n roll. We have performed professionally
    in schools, libraries, museums, theatres, and other community venues with an
    edutainment mission.

    The Rock n Roll Cookbook