Something You Might Have Missed - Monday, Oct 16, 2017

  • 8:03pm Goes by by Blank Dogs on Land and Fixed (Capture Tracks)
  • 8:07pm Algometric Touch by Built By Snow on Mega (Self-Released), 2009
  • 8:09pm mini mountain queen by The Bran Flakes on I Have Hands (Illegal Art), 2009
  • 8:12pm Emergency Turn Off by All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors on Turning Into Small (Gern Blandsten), 1998
  • 8:17pm Fire Protect Water by Rebuilt Hangar Theory on With Hurricane Blows (Corleon records), 1995
  • 8:20pm Equestrian by Omni on Deluxe (Trouble In Mind), 2017
  • 8:22pm Bubblegum Dreams by Ariel Pink on Dedicated To Bobby Jameson (Mexican Summer), 2017
  • 8:26pm Got It by Sebadoh on Bakesale (Sub Pop), 1994
  • 8:28pm Tactile Sob by Bonadish on Zaragoza Tapes: 1981-1982 (Captured Tracks), 2013
  • 8:35pm Half Man Half Shark by King Krule on The Ooz (XL Recordings), 2017
  • 8:39pm Home by BRNS on Holidays (Louis Records), 2017
  • 8:45pm Amor Virtual by Psycolor on Estamos en Saturno (Self-Released), 2017
  • 8:49pm Sentimenta by Banda de Turistas on Mancho (Pop Art), 2017
  • 8:55pm Take 1 by Guantanamo Bay Surf Club on Guantanamo Bay Surf Club (Self-Released), 2017
  • 9:04pm Kills to Be Resistant by Bully on Losing (Sub Pop), 2017
  • 9:06pm Good Religion by Cults on Offering (Sinderlyn), 2017
  • 9:10pm Fluorescent Light by Stars on There Is No Love In Fluorescent Light (Last Gang Records), 2017
  • 9:14pm Look Look Look! by Velvet Volume on Look Look Look! (Mermaid Records), 2017
  • 9:17pm Over Everything by Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile on Lotta Sea Lice (Matador), 2017
  • 9:21pm Default User by Live
  • 9:24pm Grass by Weaves on Wide Open (Kanine Records), 2017
  • 9:28pm The Fractured Room by Filthy Little Star on At Rest (Self-Released), 2017
  • 9:35pm Strawberry.Skin by Dead Leaf Echo on Beyond.Desire (Moon Sounds Records), 2017
  • 9:39pm How Soon Is Too Soon (It's Not Vintage It's Used) by Die! Die! Die! on Charm. Offensive (Sounds Of Subterrania), 2017
  • 9:43pm Rest Your Soul by Rob Crow's Gloomy Place on You're Doomed. Be Nice. (Temporary Residence Limited), 2016
  • 9:45pm Bad Beer by Slaughter Beach, Dog on Birdie (Lame-O Records), 2017
  • 9:49pm December by Yumi Zouma on Willowbank (Cascine), 2017
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