Hello Neighbor

    “Hello Neighbor”, hosted by Lisa Rundstrom, is a program designed to introduce us to our neighbors who are reshaping the culture of Savannah and continue its growth through community building, social activism, local businesses and public service.

    From a place of mounting social and political tensions and a belief that solutions to divisiveness can be found in community (re)building and connection –this program was born.

    While the concept is simple – we are simultaneously aware that many of the obstacles to truly knowing and understanding our neighbors have been built into the systemic systems of race, gender, age, ablism, economics, politics, urban and culture development. We hope that these interviews help create the conversations that are needed to move us and encourage us in our process of connection with our neighbors and beyond.

    Join Lisa Rundstrom, artist, professor and activist as she hosts live and up-close interviews with those pivotal in the empowerment of neighborhoods and community building in Savannah.

    More information about the Hello Neighbor nonprofit organization and upcoming events can be found at: https://helloneighborsav.com.

    If you or a neighbor are a good candidate for this program please email us at: helloneighborsav@gmail.com -or- take the following survey at: https://forms.gle/Zz4932hrfkHA9URn8 and we will contact you.

    Introduction music performed by Kirk Rundstrom, Blue China Album, John Farmer II.

    Hello Neighbor