No Barks About It

    • Every Tuesdays, 3:00pm4:00pm
    "No Barks About It" discusses dogs, behavioral training and other common animal related issues.  Although the focus will be on the training and behavior of dogs, the host Allisia Vroom can speak on a variety of animal issues and knows a wide variety of animal experts that can be included in the program.

    Host Allisia Vroom has been a certified dog trainer for 8 years. She is certified through the Animal Behavior College and The Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers. She used to work at the Idaho
    Humane Society and was the Animal Behavior Manager at the Humane
    Society for Greater Savannah. She teaches a variety of group classes and one on one
    lessons.  She is a Tester/Observer  for Alliance of Therapy Dogs and is a Therapy Dog Team with her own dog Phoenix. She is experienced with working with dogs
    of all ages and behaviors and can discuss a wide range of animal related topics.

    No Barks About It
    3:00pm, 12-22-2020
    3:00pm, 12-8-2020
    3:00pm, 12-1-2020
    3:00pm, 11-24-2020
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