Down Tempo Lounge Cafe

    • Wednesdays, 11:00pm11:59pm

    This show is filled with a wide variety of classic down tempo and chill out music from such artists as Kruder and Dorfmeister, Everything but the Girl, Thievery Corporation, St Germain, and so many more.  Whether sitting at a bar with a martini, on the beach with a mojito, or at the house with a night cap this show will create the perfect backdrop for an intimate evening.

    Down Tempo Lounge
    11:00pm, 8-3-2022
    11:00pm, 7-30-2022
    11:00pm, 7-27-2022
    11:00pm, 7-23-2022
    11:00pm, 7-20-2022
    11:00pm, 7-16-2022
    11:00pm, 7-13-2022
    11:00pm, 7-9-2022
    11:00pm, 7-6-2022
    11:00pm, 7-2-2022