Smooth Mic

  • Every Tuesdays, 6:00pm7:00pm

 Smooth Mic will showcase of spoken word artist and poets, as well jazz,
blues, and neo-soul artist. The show will shine light on expression through
poetry and music. The show will allow the artist a chance to explain why they
choose to express themselves this way and bring their pieces to a wider
audience. It will allow youth a chance to express themselves and a positive
outlet. It will give the community a chance to find out about local poets and
artist and local shows.

Host GQ Smootth is  a writer and performer of poetry.  He has been performing poetry for
over a year now and knows local poets and musicians in the area and is looking to
spread their art. He has been preforming as a singer in local choirs and is
part of a international music fraternity.  He has done live voice over work in
the past. He has found that the spoken word has been a great avenue from
revealing himself and expressing himself and enjoy sharing it with the world.

Smooth Mic
6:00pm, 9-21-2021
6:00pm, 9-14-2021
6:00pm, 9-7-2021
6:00pm, 8-31-2021
6:00pm, 8-24-2021
6:00pm, 8-17-2021
6:00pm, 8-10-2021
6:00pm, 8-3-2021
6:00pm, 7-27-2021
6:00pm, 7-20-2021