Spirit Talk

  • Every Wednesdays, 7:00am8:00am

conversation in today's chaotic world. Spirit Talk is a thought-provoking conversation with  leaders, authors, and experts  covering all things

Hear weekly
conversations all things spiritual discussing the invisible world with
thought-provoking leaders, authors, and experts to discuss l discuss practical
ways such as meditation, being in nature, grounding, connecting to Source as
ways of dealing with stress in the physical world. We are Spiritual Beings,
living in a Spiritual Universe, governed by Spiritual law, but we are also
human, so we will also discuss forgiveness as a powerful tool for healing for ourselves,
our family, and the world. We will talk about everything from Angels to Aliens
and how we as Spiritual Beings navigate Earth’s chaotic world we are living in

Spirit Talk
7:00am, 9-22-2021
7:00am, 9-15-2021
7:00am, 9-8-2021
7:00am, 9-1-2021
7:00am, 8-25-2021
7:00am, 8-18-2021
7:00am, 8-11-2021
7:00am, 8-4-2021
7:00am, 7-28-2021
7:00am, 7-21-2021