The Happy Homeschooler

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is quickly becoming the number one choice for parents seeking alternatives to a
public school education but most don't know where to begin, what homeschooling
really is, or the resources available to homecoming families in the Low
Country. In this show talks about why so many families are choosing to
homeschool, share information to help dispel the myths about home education,
and highlight some of the amazing programs and resources available to
homeschooling families.

Host Leza Chandler is an author and veteran homeschooling mom of three.  When she and her husband Cory entered the world of homeschooling 7 years ago they had no idea what they were doing.  Even with a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology and 15+ years of experience as an educator, Leza made a lot of mistakes along the way that caused her to question if homeschooling would only ruin their children's chances for success.  Like many of us, the Chandlers had preconceived notions about homeschoolers that painted a dismal picture of what life would be like.  Over the years however, Leza and her family have come to embrace and love the homeschooling lifestyle and all the amazing resources available to them.  Through her radio show: Those Happy Homeschoolers, Leza explores the facts and fictions of homeschooling, shares the stories of local homeschooling families, and uncovers the hidden truth of life as a homeschooler in Savannah.

The Happy Homeschooler