The Parallax View

  • Every Wednesdays, 6:00pm7:00pm

Parallax View is a weekly program that engages the listeners and uses the city's
built forms and public spaces as the subject. Weekly conversations disentangle
and make more intelligible topics on the design and urbanism that shape our

by Scott Singeisen, The Parallax View explores our surrounding environments from
multiple stances, or points of view, to expose the blind spots and gaps. We engage
the practitioners, users, and public in conversations on architecture, design,
public art, urban planning, movie production, and fashion. Serving as a
democratic space for these discussions and engagements, The Parallax View
prepares a more educated and informed listening public that approaches future
conversations beginning from the gaps in their understanding and not from the
far edges of established ideology.

Singeisen is a professor of architecture, designer, writer, and television host
who has been practicing design in multiple forms for over 25 years. He has
presented at conferences worldwide and has been featured in numerous media
outlets, including All Things Considered, USA Today, Design Intelligence, and
The South Magazine. Before moving to Savanah, Singeisen was in practice in
Sarasota and Orlando, Florida, where he received multiple awards for design and
preservation projects throughout the region.

The Parallax View
6:00pm, 7-28-2021
6:00pm, 7-21-2021
6:00pm, 7-14-2021
6:00pm, 7-7-2021
6:00pm, 6-30-2021
6:00pm, 6-23-2021
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