Zeal Reel

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  • Every Wednesdays, 6:00am7:00am
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Zeal Reel will be a show full of inspiration, daily devotions, and readings interspersed with R&B, gospel, and jazz.  Topics discussed and music played will promote more positive thinking and give hope to others.

Jessica Williams, host of Zeal Reel, is from Covington, Georgia. She is a student at Savannah State University majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Audio & Video Production.  She has always loved to help people, which has led her to volunteering in her spare time (which is very limited with school and two jobs).  She loves to read, travel, and try different places to eat. Her show Zeal Reel is designed to help promote more positive thinking and to help eliminate negative thinking with positive affirmations throughout the show.  In her words "we all could use some extra positivity."

Zeal Reel
6:00am, 9-23-2022
6:00am, 9-21-2022
6:00am, 9-20-2022
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