The New Blues with Brother Bruce 5-17-19

  • 12:00am The Sacred Line by Frank London & Greg Wall’s Hasidic New Wave on From The Belly of Abraham (Knitting Factory Records)
  • 12:06am Degi-Degi by Don Cherry on Brown Rice (EMI)
  • 12:13am Distant Little Soul by Spontaneus Music Ensemble on Challenge (Emanem)
  • 12:31am Untitled Track 2 by Ron Anderson, Robert L. Pepper, David Tamura & Philippe Petit on Closed Encounters of The 4 Minds (Public Eyesore)
  • 12:40am Lineage by Kali Z. Fasteau on Intuit (Flying Note)
  • 12:48am Chairman Mao by Mike Gilmore, Mike Khoury, Mike Johnston, Mike List & Kirk Lucas on Inscribe (Entropy Stereo)
  • 12:55am Walls-Bridges by Dewey Redman on The Ear of the Behearer (Impulse)
  • 12:59am Little Hope by Mostly Other People Doing The Killing on Forty Fort (Hot Cup)
  • 1:06am The Hard Blues by Either Orchestra on The Calculus of Pleasure (Accurate Records)
  • 1:20am Tunnel Rat (Flashlight and a 45) by Billy Bang on Vietnam The Aftermath (Justin Time)
  • 1:29am The Soft Weed Factor by Soft Machine on 6 (Columbia)
  • 1:40am Boulandi Samawi by Maleem Mahmoud Ghania with Pharoah Sanders on The Trance of Seven Colors (Axiom)
  • 1:57am My Brothers the Wind and Sun No.9 by Sun Ra & His Cosmo Discipline Arkestra on A Night In East Berlin (Leo)
  • 2:18am Spectrum by Griot Galaxy on Live at the DIA (Entropy Stereo)
  • 2:25am 20'40" by Jiří Durman / Miroslav Posejpal / Miroslav Kodym on Hidden Voices (Leo Records)
  • 2:50am Nozipho by Pharoah Sanders on Message From Home (Verve)
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