Drummers are Smarter 5/10/19

  • 7:46am The Talking Drum by Oxala on Organic Drum Music (Realness)
  • 8:03am Burning Down the by Talking Heads on Speaking In Tongues (Sire)
  • 8:04am Zen Awakening by Asia Ann Deep on Traditional Japanese Drums (Rehegoo)
  • 8:07am XYZ by Rush on Moving Pictures (Mercury)
  • 8:11am Wandering Monks by Asia Ann Deep on Traditional Japanese Drums (Rehegoo)
  • 8:18am Coming Your Way by Fleetwood Mac on Then Play On (Warner)
  • 8:19am Good Times Bad Times by Led Zeppelin on Led Zeppelin (Remastered) (Atlantic)
  • 8:22am Five Percent For Nothing by Yes on Fragile (Atlantic)
  • 8:30am Baby Don't You Do it by The Who on Who's Next (Polydor)
  • 8:32am Ona Hei by Jeff van Dyk on Shogun II (SEGA)
  • 8:41am Aja by Steely Dan on Aja (ABC Records)
  • 8:42am Space Truckin' by Deep Purple on Machine Head (Warner)
  • 8:49am Ticket to Ride-Live by The Beatles on Live at the Hollywood Bowl (Calderstone)
  • 8:54am Happy- Live by Rolling Stones on Love You Live (Promotone)
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