NoNo Wave / 07 10 19

  • 2:03pm Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne by Suicide on The Second Album + The First Rehearsal Tapes (Blast First)
  • 2:05pm 3E by Mars on NY No Wave (ZE Records)
  • 2:08pm Fairytale in the Supermarket by The Raincoats on The Raincoats (Rough Trade)
  • 2:11pm Decryptated by Rosa Yemen on Rosa Yemen (Celluloid)
  • 2:13pm Something for the Girl with Everything by Sparks on Plagiarism (Virgin)
  • 2:15pm Never Ceases to Amaze Me by Split Enz on Time and Tide (Mushroom)
  • 2:18pm Turtles Have Short Legs by CAN on The Singles (Mute, Spoon Records)
  • 2:22pm Guider Tells of Silent Airborne Machine by Henry Cow on John Peel Session (24th April Session) (Virgin Records)
  • 2:29pm The Secret by Slapp Happy on Casablanca Moon (Virgin)
  • 2:32pm Au Contraire Arto by The Lounge Lizards on The Lounge Lizards (Editions EG)
  • 2:36pm You Make Me Rock and Roll by Tom Tom Club on Downtown Rockers (Nacional)
  • 2:41pm Son of L'Idiot by Aksak Maboul on Onze Danses Pour Combattre La Migraine (Crammed Discs)
  • 2:44pm Compressor by Biting Tongues on Compressed (LTM)
  • 2:48pm Hot On Heels Of Love by Throbbing Gristle on 20 Jazz Funk Greats (Industrial Records)
  • 2:52pm Video Is Not Art by Cold Dogs In The Courtyard on Video Is Not Art (Orgonomic Functionalism Records)
  • 2:57pm The Fish Needs A Bike by Blurt on Blurt + Singles (LTM)
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