Evening Eclectic Aug 18th, 2019 - 1990 VIBES ONLY!

  • 9:04pm Pump Up The Volume (USA 12" Mix) by M/A/R/R/S on Best of Colourbox 82/87 (4AD Ltd)
  • 9:07pm Just Give 'em Whiskey (Remastered) by Colourbox on Music of the band (19982-1987) (4AD Ltd)
  • 9:08pm One Of Our Girls Has Gone Missing by A. C. Marias on One Of Our Girls (Has Gone Missing) (Mute Records Ltd)
  • 9:18pm Mercy Seat by Ultra Vivid Scene on Ultra Vivid Scene (4AD Ltd)
  • 9:20pm Ladykillers by Lush on Lovelife (4AD)
  • 9:26pm Kinky Love by Pale Saints on Flesh Balloon (4AD Ltd)
  • 9:28pm Sight of You by Pale Saints on The Comforts of Madness (4AD Ltd)
  • 9:32pm Kennedy by The Wedding Present on Bizarro (RCA)
  • 9:43pm Joy by The Sundays on Reading, Writing & Arithmetic (The David Geffen Company)
  • 9:48pm Russian Billy by Poems for Laila on Another Poem for the 20th Century 2006 Edition (Metropol)
  • 9:53pm 21st Century (Digital Boy) by Bad Religion on Against The Grain (2005 Remaster) (Epitaph)
  • 9:57pm Istanbul by The Might Be Giants on Flood (Elektra Entertainment, A Division of Warner Communications Inc.)
  • 10:03pm Birdhouse in Your Soul by They Might Be Giants on Flood (Elektra Entertainment)
  • 10:05pm Raintime by The Wolfgang Press on Bird Wood Cage (4AD Ltd)
  • 10:14pm The Arrival And The Reunion by Dead Can Dance on Aion (Remastered) (4AD Ltd)
  • 10:14pm Redharc by Dead Can Dance on Aion (Remastered) (4AD Ltd)
  • 10:21pm Hallelujah- Club Mix by Happy Mondays on Hallelujah (London Music Stream Ltd.)
  • 10:35pm Come Home- Flood Mix by James on James: The Best Of (Mercury Records Limited)
  • 10:35pm Lightning Man by Nitzer Ebb on Showtime (UMG Recordings)
  • 10:35pm Hearts and Minds by Nitzer Ebb on Belief (Geffen Records)
  • 10:41pm Time & Space by Flesh for Lulu on Plastic Fantastic (Beggars Banquet Records Ltd.)
  • 10:43pm Laid Back by Bakerman on Good Vibes- The Very Best of Laid Back (Parlophone Music)
  • 10:49pm Strychnine by The Fuzztones on Lysergic Legacy - The Very Best Of (Cleopatra Records)
  • 10:54pm Holy Night of Rosemarie by M. Walking on the Water on Pluto (Rough Trade Germany)
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