November 19, 2019

  • 12:08pm One For Honor by Johnathan Blake on Johnathan Blake Trion
  • 12:19pm Se Me Cayo El Viente by Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet on The Rhythm of Invention
  • 12:25pm Katanga by Curtis Amy Sextet on West Coast Jazz Box [Disc 3]
  • 12:29pm PledgeThanks2019Bill by
  • 12:30pm Move by Gordon, Dexter & Gray, Wardell on West Coast Jazz Box
  • 12:40pm Tempest-Tost by Jentsch Group No Net on Topics in American History
  • 12:49pm 5 Steps by Nick Grinder on Farallon
  • 12:55pm Playtime 2050 by Nick Sanders on Playtime 2050
  • 12:57pm Embodied in Seoul by Mark Dresser Seven on Ain't Nothing But A Cyber Coup & You
  • 1:06pm Come Rain or Come Shine by Mark Turner & Gary Foster on Mark Turner Meets Gary Foster
  • 1:21pm Havana by Fred Hersch on Begin Again
  • 1:28pm Red Snow by Romain Collin on Tiny Lights...
  • 1:33pm Blackbird by Uri Caine on Solitaire
  • 1:39pm PledgeThanks2019Jenn by
  • 1:40pm Kleine Figuren by Gebhard Ullmann Basement Research on Impromptus And Other Short Works
  • 1:43pm Odalisqe by Oliver Jones on Just In Time [Disc 2]
  • 1:49pm Bossa Nova Do Marilla by Larry Fuller on Overjoyed
  • 1:56pm Rain Rain by The David Berkman Sextet on Six of One
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