March 19, 2020

  • 7:00pm The Last Supper On Shasta (Featuring Tune-Yards) by Battles on Juice B Crypts (Warp Records)
  • 7:08pm Rhythm Of The Gravity by !!! on Wallop (Warp Records)
  • 7:11pm Not the Time by SASAMI on SASAMI
  • 7:14pm 03 Dylan Thomas by
  • 7:17pm Tumble by Jellephant on Dull Planet / Rotten Waves
  • 7:22pm Regret It by Tank Top on Side One
  • 7:25pm Walkaway by Imperial Teen on Now We Are Timeless
  • 7:28pm Pizza Flavoured Kisses by Spice Boys on Glade
  • 7:32pm Trying To Decide by Young Guv on GUV II
  • 7:37pm Randi by Pearl & The Oysters on Canned Music
  • 7:40pm Ooh Child by Levitation Room on Headspace
  • 7:43pm Echo by Hot Chip on A Bath Full of Ecstasy
  • 7:49pm Turtle by Jouis on Mind Bahn
  • 7:56pm Black Magic by Peach Kelli Pop on Gentle Leader (Allie Hanlon)
  • 7:58pm Pissed Pants by Chastity Belt on Chastity Belt
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