Just Fine

We will be just fine! 

visualize- form a mental image of; imagine.

Mark 9:23

"Jesus said to him, 'If you can believe? All things are possible for one who believes.'"

Significant woman of the day- Elisa Levy 



Do It Afraid!

Adapted from the resource Ending You Day Right - by Joyce Meyer

How would you feel if God told you to leave your home, your family, and everything that is familiar and comfortable to you… to head out to who knows where?

That’s the challenge Abram faced, and it frightened him. But God kept telling him, “Fear not.” He said the same thing to Joshua when He called him to lead the children of Israel to the promised land.

If you wait until you’re not afraid before you do anything, you’ll accomplish very little for God. Abram and Joshua had to step out in faith and obedience to do what God had commanded them to do—and they had to do it afraid. Because they took steps of faith even though they had feelings of fear, they saw God’s faithfulness and protection in amazing ways.

To accomplish the purpose God has for you, you’ll also need to do it afraid. But He’s right there with you, just like He was with Abram and Joshua, saying, “Fear not; I am with you.”

Prayer Starter: Lord, help me start to take the steps of faith You’re calling me to take, even while I still feel afraid. Thank You for always being with me, and for giving me the grace I need for today! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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