June 12, 2020

  • 3:00pm Tiki by The Gene Rains Group on Rains in the Tropics
  • 3:02pm Jungle Guitars by The Palatons on Single
  • 3:04pm Theme From The Tiki Wonder Hour by Combustible Edison on I, Swinger
  • 3:08pm Underwater Chase by Al Caiola on Al Caiola...Sounds For Spies And Private Eyes
  • 3:10pm East of Xanadu by Robert Drasnin on Voodoo II
  • 3:15pm Dance of the Zombies by Harold Vick on The Carribean Suite
  • 3:20pm Bali Safari by The Tiki Delights on Meet the Tiki Delights
  • 3:23pm Orchid Lagoon by The Surfmen on The Sounds of Exotic Island
  • 3:26pm Conjuration by Richard Hayman and His Orchestra on Voodoo!
  • 3:28pm Haitian Marketplace by Ahmad Jamal on Macanudo
  • 3:31pm Moon Over Miami by Edmundo Ros and His Orchestra on Bongos from the South
  • 3:34pm Stone Gods of Bimini by Ìxtahuele on Pagan Rites
  • 3:37pm Maxixe Mambo by Harry Breuer and his Quintet on Mallet Magic
  • 3:40pm Makaha by Ted Auletta And His Orchestra ? on Exotica
  • 3:42pm Asia Minor by Roger King Mozian on Spectacular Percussion
  • 3:45pm Stolen Idol by Si Zenter and His Orchestra on Exotica Suite
  • 3:47pm The Legend of the Rain by Kapiolani Lyman on Puka Shells
  • 3:51pm Ritual of the Torch by Frank Hunter and His Orchestra on White Goddess
  • 3:54pm City Under the Sea by The Islanders on The Enchanted Sound of the Islanders
  • 3:56pm Jaguar God by Dominic Frontiere and His Orchestra on Pagan Festival - An Exotic Love Ritual For Orchestra
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