Mr. Palmer's Rockabilly Radio Show June 11, 2018

  • 10:03pm Blue Moon Of Kentucky by Elvis Presley on Elvis At Sun (Remastered) (RCA), 2004
  • 10:06pm (We’re Gonna) Rock Around The Clock by Bill Haley & His Comets on Loud, Fast & Out of Control (Rhino Entertainment), 1999
  • 10:07pm My Boy Elvis by Janis Martin on The Female Elvis Complete Recordings 1956-60 (Rockabilly Records), 1987
  • 10:13pm Red Hot by Billy Lee Riley (& His Little Green Men) on Billy Lee Riley at Sun Records (Charly Records), 1999
  • 10:15pm B-I-Bickey-Bi, Bo-Bo-Go by Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps on Loud, Fast & Out of Control (Rhino Entertainment), 1999
  • 10:18pm Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen on The Game (Hollywood Records), 1980
  • 10:23pm American Music by The Blasters on American Music (HighTone Records), 1980
  • 10:26pm Built For Speed by Stray Cats on Built For Speed (EMI), 1982
  • 10:28pm Bikini Girls With Machine Guns by The Cramps on Stay Sick (Enigma Records), 1989
  • 10:32pm It Ain't Here Or Now by The Bughouse Five on Solid (East Side Records), 1992
  • 10:39pm Like a Cadillac by Justin Curtis on Let Then Ride (Galaxy Records), 1998
  • 10:43pm You Ain't Seen Nothin' by Kim Lenz & Her Jaguars on Kim Lenz & Her Jaguars (High Tone Records), 1998
  • 10:45pm All I Can Do Is Cry by Mike Ness on Under The Influences (The Bicycle Music Company), 1999
  • 10:49pm Let’s Ride by The Chop Tops on Evil Six (Swillbilly Music), 2001
  • 10:52pm Johnny Got A Boom Boom by Imelda May on Love Tattoo (Ambassador Records), 2008
  • 10:58pm Pressure And Time by The Delta Bombers on Pressure And Time (Wild), 2018
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