Let's See Who My Friends Are

  • Every Fridays, 8:00pm9:00pm

Weekly, seemingly ordinary, individuals of community tell about themselves. They will talk about their upbringing, life challenges, wants, desires and hopes for the future, all the things that make them who they are. Included will be various introspective questions to get to know our guest and hosts more intimately. 

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 Friday night @ 8 pm. 

Let's See Who My Friends Are
8:00pm, 1-15-2021
8:00pm, 1-8-2021
8:00pm, 1-1-2021
8:00pm, 12-25-2020
8:00pm, 12-18-2020
8:00pm, 12-11-2020
8:00pm, 12-4-2020
8:00pm, 11-27-2020
8:00pm, 11-20-2020
8:00pm, 11-13-2020