Listening to Literature

  • Every Fridays, 12:05pm1:00pm

In his “Writer’s Credo,” Edward Abbey wrote “that words count, that writing matters, that poems, essays, and novels—in the long run—make a difference.” Abbey’s politics aside, the written word, whether fiction or nonfiction, educational or entertainment, holds a special place in our cultural histories, our communities, and our personal lives. Through interviews with authors, both local and remote, analysis with experts, and reviews of books, Listening to Literature explores literature of the present and the past.

Leigh E. Rich is a professor of Health Administration at Georgia Southern University, with a background in bioethics, cultural anthropology, and health-related law. She is a longtime editor and a former journalist and book and theater critic.

P. T. Bridgeport is a photographer, calligrapher, and uncompensated curmudgeon. He is a member of the Savannah Art Association Board of Directors and shows work at the Association Art Gallery on Chippewa Square. He also co-hosts Beyond The Liner Notes with Brian Renner on Fridays and has his own show, When The Moon Sings, on Saturday evenings. He was a trombonist early in life, but went through a program and now lives spit-valve free.