Blues Hour

  • Tuesdays, 7:00pm8:00pm

Each show will highlight a different kind of blues, for example, Delta blues, Chicago style blues, New Orleans influenced, harmonica greats, etc.   Each song will be introduced and described.  Each artist will be described.  Brian Renner is host of "Beyond the Liner Notes" which is an in-depth analysis of different musical styles.  He brings this depth of knowledge 
and interest in blues recordings, especially vintage blues and the
historical progression of blues styles to the Blues Hour.

Blues Hour
7:00pm, 10-20-2020
7:00pm, 10-13-2020
8:00pm, 10-7-2020
8:00pm, 9-30-2020
8:00pm, 9-23-2020
8:00pm, 9-16-2020
8:00pm, 9-9-2020
8:00pm, 9-2-2020
8:00pm, 8-19-2020
8:00pm, 8-12-2020