Postmodern B-Sides

  • Sundays, 7:00pm8:00pm
A current take on the "B-Sides" concept, playing the music
from successful musicians that never made it to the radio. Instead of showing
off what made them famous, B-Sides takes a look at the rest of the album.      

Growing up,host Samm Sebera was lucky enough to be influenced by more than just digital music. Beyond digitial music, her family would spend hours listening to
albums in full before deciding the worth of the musician in question.   Once decided a more permanent version of the album was purchased.  So Samm had
cassette tapes, CDs, 8-tracks and vinyls that she could listen to for days.   This was
how she figured out who some of her favorite artists and songs even if their radio time
did not catch her attention.


Modern B-Sides