Route 66

    Route 66 features American
    rock music from the past and present, representing our cultural soul.           

    Host Michael Carvaines is a
    writer, filmmaker and educator with a life-long appreciation for music. He grew
    up in Cleveland, Ohio, went to college in Ann Arbor, Michigan, lived and worked
    in Hollywood, California for nearly 20 years, then recently moved to Savannah
    to attend SCAD for a Master of Fine Arts in Film and Television. “Route 66” is the
    perfect way to reflect his experience and knowledge and help us better
    understand our nation's arts and culture.

    Route 66
    10:00pm, 7-25-2019
    10:00pm, 7-18-2019
    10:00pm, 7-4-2019
    10:00pm, 6-27-2019
    10:00pm, 6-20-2019
    10:00pm, 6-6-2019
    10:00pm, 5-30-2019