The Ryze

  • Mondays, 7:00am8:00am
  • Fridays, 7:00am8:00am

A one-hour radio show featuring neo-soul and acid jazz from a few known and upcoming emerging artists. The Ryze airs on Mon(7am-9am) and Wed & Fri (7am-8am).

Hosted by Alicia "Aer" Scott, who gives a light commentary on "spoof" news, global politics and fringe science. Take a break from mainstream news media and start your days with music that has been carefully selected to induce you into a good mood! We work hard to play the music that didn't make on the radio and to feature artists that are "emerging." 

The Ryze
7:00am, 8-7-2020
7:00am, 8-3-2020
7:00am, 7-31-2020
7:00am, 7-27-2020
7:00am, 7-24-2020
7:00am, 7-20-2020
7:00am, 7-17-2020
7:00am, 7-13-2020
7:00am, 7-10-2020
7:00am, 7-6-2020