Sax and Violins

  • Fridays, 3:00am4:00am

Jazz violin selections are interspersed with jazz saxophone, providing both an hour of great jazz and enabling a pun.  And there is never enough sax and violins on radio.

 Sax and Violins
3:00am, 7-31-2020
3:00am, 7-24-2020
3:00am, 7-17-2020
3:00am, 7-10-2020
3:00am, 7-3-2020
3:00am, 6-26-2020
3:00am, 6-19-2020
3:00am, 6-12-2020
3:00am, 6-5-2020
3:00am, 5-29-2020