The Savannah Afterglow

  • Wednesdays, 11:00am12:00pm

The Savannah Afterglow features an eclectic mix of chill deep cuts and b-sides of alternative and electronica artists and highlights information about local musicians including new releases, upcoming live shows, and musician interviews.

Your host Greg grew up in the Detroit, Michigan area and has loved music all of his life. While an undergraduate at Michigan State University (MSU) in East Lansing, he found an opportunity to work on the radio for the local public radio station: Impact 89FM WDBM. In order to stay on the radio at MSU, Greg needed to continue to be a student. He maintained student status by returning to MSU for his master’s degree in business administration and later a certificate in Public Health. For 8 years at MSU, Greg hosted the show “Impact Afterglow.” Greg’s aim is to bring the same soothing sounds to Savannah with his show “The Savannah Afterglow,” featuring “relaxed tracks to ease you into the start of a new week” as he used to say for his tagline on his Impact Afterglow specialty show.

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