Voicez In The Struggle

    Voicez In The Struggle provides candid commentary, covering
    local, national and international issues impacting communities of color. Host
    will also interview and highlight local heroes in the community, that are
    making a difference. Listeners, will have the opportunity to call-in and let
    their voice be heard.

    Big ANT and Brother Reggie are youth mentors and community
    leaders, whom are dedicated to making a difference in the community. Voicez In
    The Struggle seeks to bring positive change and forward progress by bringing
    relevant black issues to the forefront by promoting Awareness, foster Dialogue,
    encourage Unity and bring forth Action.

    Voicez In The Struggle
    7:00pm, 4-5-2020
    7:00pm, 3-29-2020
    7:00pm, 3-22-2020
    7:00pm, 3-8-2020
    7:00pm, 3-1-2020
    7:00pm, 2-23-2020
    7:00pm, 2-16-2020
    7:00pm, 2-9-2020
    7:00pm, 2-2-2020
    7:00pm, 1-26-2020