Voices of Resistance

    Voices of
    Resistance gives voice to Justice and Peace activists having no voice on other
    Savannah Media.  Voices of Resistance  will cover
    local, national and international issues impacting us all.  Hosts will often interview guests on a variety
    of subjects and welcome listener questions and comments. 

    Voices of Resistance
    6:00pm, 9-19-2018
    6:00pm, 9-12-2018
    6:00pm, 9-5-2018
    6:00pm, 8-29-2018
    6:00pm, 8-22-2018
    6:00pm, 8-15-2018
    6:00pm, 8-8-2018
    6:00pm, 8-1-2018
    6:00pm, 7-25-2018