Full Schedule


Mix of reggae tunes including the subgenres of roots, rocksteady, ska, dancehall, and ragga.
Album rock and forgotten hits of the 60s, 70s, and early 80s
Jazz by some of the best trumpet players in recent decades along with legends of yesteryear.
Syndicated science show produced by the SETI Institute addressing a different topic each week. Discussions with prominent scientists and researchers from a wide variety of fields.
Contemporary music with a distinctive roots-oriented sound from the various American musical styles of country, roots-rock, folk, bluegrass, R&B and blues, including both acoustic and electric instrumentation.
Zeal Reel will be a show full of inspiration, daily devotions, and readings interspersed with R&B, gospel, and jazz. Topics discussed and music played will promote more positive thinking and give hope to others.
A one-hour radio show featuring neo-soul and acid jazz from a few known and upcoming emerging artists. The Ryze airs Mon(7am-9am) and Wed & Fri (7am-8am).
A weekly exploration of human rights issues and world news with your host Keilah Herrington.
Ian Masters’ “Background Briefing” offers a daily digest of analysis and insight into national and international events.
Democracy Now! is an independent, nationally syndicated grassroots global news hour featuring news and opinions from around the world, hosted by the journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.
A sports talk show focusing on the college and high school teams in the area but also covering national sports issues.
5 Minutes to Bliss is all it takes. "Finding Happiness" Hosted by Robert Pawlicki Description: A 5 minute presentation of inspirational ideas and guidance to enhance one's feelings of happiness, well-being and good mental health.
Enjoy a little jazz at mid-day. Jazz Brunch includes classic and modern jazz with just a touch of smooth jazz.
A afternoon of indie music for 1-3 hours every weekday. This will feature and eclectic mix of indie music with indie rock, electronic, pop, chillwave, no wave, lo-fi, no-fi, below-fi, shoegaze, noise rock, garage rock, surf, and hamboning.
    Alternative from the '60s through the '90s.
      Way Left of the Dial is music that will make the drive home seem like interstellar space travel at warp speed. There will be a Fan Boy segment during every show featuring specific artists and their legacy.
      "Classic Jazz Mondays" transports music fans back in time to the days when the jazz greats were in their heyday. Listen as some of the most influential jazz artists take you on a historic journey of the greatest music ever recorded.
        Something You Might Have Missed is a show that presents the Chatham County area with music, both past and present, that have been overlooked for far too long. Tune in Mondays 8-10 pm.
        This show features Rockabilly music from the 1950's through to the current Rockabilly scene. Music will include popular hits from classic Rockabilly artists as well as deep tracks from those artist and many many more.
        Blues hour features a mix of blues artists from the various styles of Delta blues, Chicago style blues, New Orleans influenced, harmonica greats, etc.