Full Schedule


Blues hour features a mix of blues artists from the various styles of Delta blues, Chicago style blues, New Orleans influenced, harmonica greats, etc.
Album rock and forgotten hits of the 60s, 70s, and early 80s
Jazz violin selections are interspersed with jazz saxophone, providing both an hour of great jazz and enabling a pun. And there is never enough sax and violins on radio.
An inquisitive, nationally syndicated talk show discussing the origin of words and colloquial phrases, and how the use of language has morphed over time.
Contemporary music with a distinctive roots-oriented sound from the various American musical styles of country, roots-rock, folk, bluegrass, R&B and blues, including both acoustic and electric instrumentation.
Zeal Reel will be a show full of inspiration, daily devotions, and readings interspersed with R&B, gospel, and jazz. Topics discussed and music played will promote more positive thinking and give hope to others.
Alternative/Indie Music show that digs shallow and deep into many genres of the music world.
Listen in weekly to hear songs and stories from the 1970s rock catalog. Jim Beisel clearly loves them and wants you to do the same. Groove to another magical season of 8 track mind.
Ian Masters’ “Background Briefing” offers a daily digest of analysis and insight into national and international events.
Democracy Now! is an independent, nationally syndicated grassroots global news hour featuring news and opinions from around the world, hosted by the journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.
This show features a different genre of music each week, focusing on a specific historical era and/or subgenre. With each selection, information is provided about the artist or song, often setting them in the context of the overall theme of each show.
5 Minutes to Bliss is all it takes. "Finding Happiness" Hosted by Robert Pawlicki Description: A 5 minute presentation of inspirational ideas and guidance to enhance one's feelings of happiness, well-being and good mental health.
As Stendhal wrote: “A good book is an event in [one’s] life.” Through interviews with authors, both local and remote, analysis with experts, and reviews of books, “Listening to Literature” explores literature of the present and the past.
Keeping great music alive - some songs you’ve loved and forgotten and some you just don’t know you love yet.
A afternoon of indie music for 1-3 hours every weekday. This will feature and eclectic mix of indie music with indie rock, electronic, pop, chillwave, no wave, lo-fi, no-fi, below-fi, shoegaze, noise rock, garage rock, surf, and hamboning.
    A NY/NJ style free form broadcast with lunatic charm where you can never predict when an amazing disaster will take place on the air. The outré musical sets span multiple genres. From rock to show tunes, Motorhead to Dean Martin. Take the ride.
    Mix of reggae tunes including the subgenres of roots, rocksteady, ska, dancehall, and ragga.
    Eclectic international mix representing multiple languages, genres, countries, and decades. Requests and comments are welcome at wruumftw@gmail.com.
      Outreach Ministry show interviewing local Pastors, Ministers & Community Activist with community activities and outreach programs that support community initiatives and community development.
      Outreach Ministry show interviewing local Pastors, Ministers & Community Activist with community activities and outreach programs that support community initiatives and community development.
      Soul Time! with host Jay "Baby" Simms is a mixture of classic rhythm & blues, deep soul, funk, and rare grooves from the 60's to today.
      An international blend of Rock and Roll from the USA and beyond, in and from multiple languages, sub-genres, countries, and eras. Requests and comments are welcome at wruumftw@gmail.com.
      Music, local interviews and spotlighting local events
      This show is two hours of mostly 4 on the Floor House Music. Deep, Tech, Progressive, Funky, and so much more. Provides an upbeat vibe to kick the weekend into gear.